Trail Namur
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Trail Namur

The Namur Trail offers regular trail runners a magnificent, unspoiled and varied course to explore, from which they can enjoy some of the finest scenery in the Namur region. All events depart from the Citadel.


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« Créatonit is first and foremost a young, dynamic team with a personal touch, based in Namur. In short, the ideal firm to work on projects for non-profit organisations and small businesses, as it highly responsive and attentive to customers’ needs. Being a local firm also influenced our choice.
What really pleases us working with Samuel is the possibility of setting out our plan together, the proactive approach shown in briefings, and challenging each other while ultimately meeting the specification and delivering on-time, all priced openly and honestly.
Créatonit brought us great visibility for our trail running, providing an original angle in our communications, and an optimum service for all types of media (online and physical, roller banners, posters, flyers, etc.). »

Mathieu, Trail Namur organizer

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