Harmonie Lecomte
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Harmonie Lecomte

« Because we are seen before we are heard, it is important to take care over our appearance to give others the right impression, accurately reflecting our character and personality ».

Harmonie offers unique designs, an image consultancy service, and sewing classes and workshops.


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Their experience

« I immediately felt that the team truly wanted to understand our plans, together with my business and my character, so as to get as close as possible to my wishes and my surroundings, in each project undertaken. I feel I have matured with the new logo, website and so on. It has pushed me upwards, and definitely improved my self-confidence. I work in the world of personal image, and my own brand image is important because it obviously has to be consistent with my business. I believe I have found it, and found it thanks to Créatonit. »

Harmonie, designer

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