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This expert in managing air quality and LED lighting is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in business. The family firm has successfully expanded its business and broadened the appeal of its brand thanks to its founder’s forward-looking vision.

Deltrian nowadays is establishing itself in various air filtration and lighting markets across the world.


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« I decided to work with Créatonit because of the lively presentation of their services and the comprehensive range, and having a single contact person for all my questions, and of course, their original approach appealed to my geeky side.

What I like about Créatonit is their approachability, responsiveness and the quality of their suggestions, which very often meet my needs first time around. We work together more and more effectively as time goes by, and we are building real synergies.

This collaborative approach has delivered day-to-day support and creative ideas, all of which now conveys a much more businesslike image in Deltrian’s communications !! »

Mélanie, Communication & Marketing Manager at Deltrian

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